Dean Wampler, Ph.D.

Software developer, expert in Big Data, Scala, and Functional Programming,
O'Reilly author, and frequent public speaker living in Chicago.


Polyglot Programming

Polyglot Programming is a website dedicated to exploring the benefits (and drawbacks) of combining multiple programming languages and multiple "modularity paradigms" in application development. The "paradigms" include Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Aspect-Oriented Programming.

Aspect Oriented Programming

AOP is an attempt to address cross cutting concerns in applications. The dominant decomposition into modules usually reflects the domain model or perhaps the implementation infrastructure. However, it becomes difficult to add in globally-consistent features, like logging, that cut across these module boundaries. AOP attempts to solve this problem.


Programming Scala, 2nd Edition

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Talks & Papers

Why Spark Is The Next Top (Compute) Model

Numerous Venues - 2014, 2015

Spark has emerged as the replacement for MapReduce in Hadoop applications. This talk explains why.

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Error Handling in Reactive Systems

React Conf San Francisco 2014

Failure handling must be "first-class" in reactive systems, to satisfy the resilient trait. This talk for React SF 2014 discusses how reactive models and libraries support failure handling (or don't).

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