Aquarium API

See also the Aquarium Rdocs.

Aquarium::Aspects contains the Aquarium::Aspects::Aspect class and supporting classes Aquarium::Aspects::Pointcut, Aquarium::Aspects::JoinPoint, etc.

Aquarium::Finders provides tools for locating types, objects, and methods in the runtime, using names, symbols, or regular expressions.

Aquarium::Extensions provides extensions to several Ruby core library routines.

Aquarium::Utils provides general-purpose utilities for manipulating Strings, Sets, Hashes, etc. as well as some generic types.

Aquarium::Extras provides add-ons for Aquarium, such as a Design by Contract implementation. Note that these extras are not included when you require the general aquarium.rb file. You have to explicitly include Aquarium::Extras file to use them.

More details are discussed in the README.

  • gem install aquarium
  • gem update aquarium


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