Contributing to Aquarium

There are several ways in which you can contribute to Aquarium.

Bugs, Enhancement Requests, etc.

Please use the project GitHub issues to submit bug reports and enhancement requests. Discussion of issues on the mailing list is welcome, but the tracker is the best way to capture issues.

It helps greatly if you fork the Aquarium GitHub repository and commit changes (see below).


We want to hear about any bugs that you find, but we can’t address them if we can’t reproduce them. If you submit a Bug report, be sure to include:

This will make us more likely to look at it quickly.

Feature Requests

Interested in a new feature that you would find useful but don’t wish to develop yourself? Please submit it to the project GitHub issues.


Interested in a new feature that you’ve already written or want to write? Please submit a patch, but please follow these guidelines.

The Core Team

Dean Wampler The Aquarium War Room.


Thanks to Brendan L., Matthew F., Mark V. and others for helpful feedback.

  • gem install aquarium
  • gem update aquarium


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